1. Tapping the blast furnace no.2 at Kosaya gora ironworks (Tula region, Russia). This furnace is the smallest (and the hottest!) among three at the site, it is being used for ferromanganese production. Picture taken in May 2014.

  2. Coking plant “Prosper” in Bottrop (NRW, Germany). January 2014.

  3. Derelict blast furnace no.4 of Cockerill-Sambre steel mill in Charleroi (Belgium).

  4. Industrial area of NLMK steel mill in Lipetsk (Russia). July 2013.

  5. Blast furnace no.5 of former Meiderich ironworks in Duisburg (NRW, Germany). Nowadays the place is converted into public park and known as “Landscape park Duisburg-Nord”.

  6. Sintering plant of Cockerill-Sambre steell mill in Charleroi, Belgium. Nowadays nearly everything at this legendary mill is disused and only very few productions are still active, but anyway, this famous landscape is still worth seeing even without smoke around. January 2014.

  7. Railway roundhouse in Moscow which located between two large train stations (Yaroslavskiy and Lenigradskiy). This view cannot be seen anymore, because the house was partly demolished and the rest of it was turned into museum. The picture taken in March 2013 during the first step of demolition process.

  8. Derelict coking ovens of famous coking plant Zollverein in Essen (NRW, Germany). The plant and the mine are preserved as industrial monuments and currently are under UNESCO protection. Picture taken in March 2012.

  9. Railroad tracks in front of power plant no.12 in Moscow. Winter 2013.

  10. Derelict pig iron caster at Henrichsh├╝tte Hattingen (NRW, Germany). March 2012.

  11. Blast furnaces of Kosaya gora ironworks one snowy winter morning. December 2011.